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Hello Mr. Di Martino, First of all congratulations for the premiere of the book 3 of Legend of Korra and second sorry for my broken English, I'm from Argentina so. I don't care what anyone says Avatar: Legend of Korra Season 3 is just as, if not better, than the original 3 seasons of Avatar: The last Airbender. #legend of. teshikaart. Latest Legend of Korra episode feels Watching the official Book 3 trailer like So, apparently Korra was poisoned by a metallic liquid compound?.

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Legend Of Korra Book 3 Tumblr

Do you know what today is? Three years since the Legend of Korra season 3 finale, Venom of the Red Lotus, was first released. Three years since. Review: The Legend of Korra - Book 3, Episodes Change can be good or bad, depending on your point of view. Thankfully when it comes. Korra Book 3 Blu-ray Commentary Highlights This consists of any we're in negotiations with Nickelodeon for The Legend of Saikhan.. it's.

Do you know what today is? Three years since Korra survived the fight of her life—only just. Think of how much has happened. That is how long they waited for each other, without even knowing how the other felt. Only three years. Forget everything that happened during that season finale. Let me just give my thoughts on that ending. Bolin is now a lava bender. Props to my boy. FINALLY, I like how instead of metalbending which is now something that is common by a majority of talented Earthbenders, they decided to give Bolin his very own unique ability. Now Bolin really has become like Toph. He is now the only lava bender in existence. Props to Bolin. Next up is Korra.

After a while his guilt turned to dust and flew away in the wind. He learned the love the adrenaline he got from stealing. But of course, right when he got to a decent place in his life of thievery he was caught. Instead of putting him in jail they made him return everything he stole and placed him back in the orphanage.

And then much to his surprise a family adopted him. They were a nice couple, unable to have kids. Kai really did like them. How could he possibly run with no money? He honestly only meant to steal enough to get him a reasonable distance away. Hey, no judging, everybody reaches a low point in their life. The outlaw life suited him. It would take something big to save him from this doomed lifestyle. Perhaps an earthquake would shake up the men chasing him so bad they forget who he is.

The Blackstone Bureau — The Legend of Korra Book 3 Subtitles.

However, Kai got something much better. It was an ordinary day when Kai discovered he can airbend. He knew this was the thing that could get him out of his crappy life. So when the avatar and her friends showed up looking for airbenders he was positively rejoicing. Everything was going smoothly until the police showed up. This new life was promising he could tell as he boarded the ship. He was finally done running from the police and he was going to learn to be a pro airbender.

Everything got ten times better when he met Jinora. She has incredible dark brown hair that perfectly frames her soft face. Her eyes seem plain when you first look at them, but when you really look you see so much life and intelligence just beaming behind them. Kai feels his cheeks begin to heat up as he thinks about Jinora. He smiles to himself as he recalls the time she hugged him and kissed his cheek. It was the best day of his life. He touches the spot on his face where her lips touched.

They were talking about him! If she were older the chances of her picking him are very slim. Kai sits for a second, really thinking about what they said. Would Jinora really have picked someone else if there were no options? Would he have picked someone else if there were more options? Of course not! Kai scolds himself for thinking such a think. Would Jinora say the same thing about him? Kai rubs his eyes and decides this is enough for one night.

Legend of korra book 3 download tumblr

He jumps down from the roof and makes his way to his bed. He lays down on his unnaturally uncomfortable bed and closes his eyes. Ten minutes pass by and all he can think about is Jinora.

Kai is not one to lay around when he knows he needs to be doing something. Quietly he gets up and walks down the hall. Being an airbender its extremely easy to be light on your feet and not make a lot of noise. What is he going to say? Kai and Jinora have never really talked about liking each other. He always kind of assumed she likes him. Its never been officially established though.

Kai decides in a second of courage to ignore his doubts. The lights from outside faintly light the room. Its not very bright but he was see where Jinora is sleeping. What are you doing here? Somehow he can see her blushing even in the dark.

Kai silently braces himself for whatever answer she may give. Jinora opens her mouth and Kai flinches in advances. But even if ten more came with you, I would have chosen you.

What if some really amazing guy came too? Trust me I would choose you. Finding the new airbenders and rebuilding the Air Nomad culture. Already we can see this same balance in Book 3, as Korra and Tenzin begin a personal journey to find airbenders while also handling the larger social ramifications of these changes.

What makes a society, and how do people react when their old one collides with the new? You could call this nature vs. LoK has always been great at asking questions but less great about actually answering them.

All in all, this was a very strong season premiere that set the stage for a lot of potential greatness. LoK finally feels comfortable in its own skin - the humor comes easy, the characters interact naturally, and the story feels small enough to fit in a cour but large enough to have a real impact on both the Avatarverse and the characters within it. A friendly corner of the Internet for anime newbies and long-time fans alike. Features my own blog post links along with shared news, reblogs, silly gifs, cultural tidbits, and general geekiness.

Wanna visit again? With AS she can just hit Kuvira with that wind and render her immobile. Or used the Avatar State to absorb all the metal and bind Kuvira with it? Some people were amazed how Korra survived a nuke blast and everybody else actually!


The creators said the theme of this season is forgiveness, and in that sense, Korra has to forgive herself. She thought she was a failure and she lost all the confidence she had in the past three seasons.

She loved herself in Book 2 and even if no one should expect Korra to fully forget all the pain and suffering, for the season to be satisfactory she needs to conquer her greatest enemy: herself. It was symbolized by both Dark Korra and Kuvira. When Kuvira was almost beaten in the Battle of Zaofu, her fallen figure reminded Korra of her past self and that caused her to relapse. She must find balance between these two extremes.

Kuvira was my second favorite female character, a very interesting villain who was wasted will elaborate later. But when the Avatar was absent, Kuvira decided to take action. She has no Avatar powers but she used all her abilities in leadership and battle. She rose up as a hero who united the kingdom, loved by the people and a symbol against a tyrannical and incompetent monarchy.

Some EK states may be warring with each other and some are in poverty and being ruined by banditry. Kuvira resolved these problems. It comes with a price though; power has corrupted Kuvira. To be in control she needed to purge anyone who threatened unity and coerced people to submit to her will. She continued to force people to make weapons to secure her position. Korra had the potential to be just like Kuvira, not the capacity for evil but the capacity to use her power to the extreme- but she received all the guidance and self-discovery.

Kuvira, however was an underdeveloped villain.

Amon blamed everything on benders and want to de-bend everyone, Unalaq wanted the spirit of darkness to reign, Zaheer wanted chaos regardless of the consequence and Kuvira united city-states and vowed bring back land stolen from its people. You know what could have been great? Kuvira sees her past in the spirit wilds. Her being cast away by her parents, being adopted by Su, falling in love with Bataar, but then leaving everything behind and betraying her family for the sake of the kingdom.

Then she realized how she lost everything now because she went too far. Even if Kuvira did betray her former family they actually never supported her. While everyone stands by with Korra, Kuvira only had Bataar Jr and now she lost him too. Then Kuvira desperately fights back. However none of these happened or anything remotely compelling.

These two siblings mirror each other and ultimately choosing different paths. Or something like this: Zuko: You wanna be loved so you used fear to make people loyal to you. Then Azula gives herself up and surrendered, thanked Katara for not killing her and apologized to Aang for all she had done. There was nothing about that. Korra and Kuvira even had zero interactions where they relate to each other in the past season.

Zuko and Aang had the Blue Spirit to imply they can be friends in the future. Where is Korra calling out Kuvira for her oppression and tyranny? Even if she ended up being power hungry and oppressive, I see no reason why she would just give up after everything she had done.

She sacrificed the comforts of a family and a peaceful life to build a broken world. She sacrificed marriage for her goals. Giving up so easily without thinking of what will happen next after she lost is an injustice to what the narrative established about her. She was never unloved and Bataar Jr. Kuvira was already down in the ground and the whole arrest of her felt like kicking her like a dog.

This short post explains it all. It respects the diversity in the EK and allows communities to flourish without being oppressed by the monarchy. The problem is that from episode one Wu is presented as an incompetent leader whom his own people rejected in favor of the Great Uniter. The people chose Kuvira over the monarchy.

True, Wu had character development but the series finale implies that the people cannot choose their own fate and letting the monarchy decide what to do is the best option. Even Suyin Beifong, whom the people think would be a great queen refused to help the kingdom and enjoyed her own little utopia. I understand the intention is that he had to grow as a person to be a good king.

But compare Wu to Zuko. How many ordinary citizens Wu interacted with? Oh please! Did he see the poverty in the kingdom?

Did he have a realization on how wrong things are in the monarchy?

korra season 3 finale

Even in the later part of the book Wu is still thinking about being a good leader so he can date the Avatar! Zuko on the other hand lived as a pauper and fugitive for weeks and realized all the horrors his nation had done for the sake of conquest. When he became Firelord, the audience knew he deserved it and was capable of doing great things. The ending shows that people wanted peace and will follow the wishes of the Avatar and the Firelord. LoK established how oppressive and incompetent the monarchy is, then showed people choosing the Great Uniter over this terrible alternative Prince Wu, only for the Avatar to hand back the authority to the monarchy again and leave him to decide the fate of the people.

The finale is simply an injustice towards her character as Korra and as an Avatar. This is the part where it call crashed down. Me: Really, a 53 years old who went through a lot would say that? Fine, I forgive. Korra: I know I was in a pretty dark place after I was poisoned. But I finally understand why I had to go through all that. I needed to understand what true suffering was so I could be more compassionate to others, even to people like Kuvira.

Korra has always been compassionate to people, even if she responded with violence, had the capacity for murder, and even if she was bullish, she is selfless and forgiving in the right times. I fail to see why Korra the ending should imply that she lacked compassion.

Remember how she rescued Bolin, a guy whom she barely knew that time?

Remember the non-benders being oppressed by Tarrlok? How she cared for them? Remember Tarrlok who kidnapped her and tried to murder her probably?

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